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For more than fifteen years, Pixel Point POS has supplied its customers with more than just servers, parts and pieces. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive product lines and infrastructure solutions, backed by a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines from the PAR ES 500 to the PAR ES 7200.

Pixel Point POS

Maintaining your existing platform when parts are unavailable through normal distribution channels. We carry end of life, discontinued, and Obsolete parts. 

Pixel Point offers a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties, on-site services and connected equipment insurance based on the type of product you purchased.

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At Pixel Point POS, we know your POS System is the backbone of your business, which is why we offer innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. Point of sale systems and touch screen POS systems, we can help.

Because of the pivotal role we play in your business, Pixel Point POS is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we install, to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 


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Parts and Service when you need them 

Fine Dining Restaurants

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Whether you own a Fine Dining Restaurant or a QuickService Restaurant or a Bar/Night Club, we are here to help you. 

Your Pixel Point POS system malfunctioning, POS Terminal  coming of age and giving you trouble, call us for solutions.

Our friendly technicians are waiting to give you the answer. 

Welcome to the Pixel-Point POS parts department. We make parts research and purchasing quick and easy. If you have any questions at all, our friendly team of replacement parts experts are just a phone call away. Parts, personal service, same day shipping and the industry's best products. 

At Pixel Point POS we carry replacement parts. 

If you want maximum up-time, the best performance, safety, and energy efficiency, use the parts we recommend, starting with PAR POS Terminals.

You've invested a lot of time and money into your business. Protect that investment with genuine PAR Terminals for all your POS equipment. It's the only way to guarantee performance, safety, and efficiency.

Why choose PAR Termnals?
Sure, it may be tempting to use lower-cost parts. But the truth is, saving a few dollars now could cost you a lot more in the long run. Think about these critical items:

  • Reliability - Because PAR Terminals are designed specifically for your Pixel Point POS Software, you'll get the most uptime and maximum performance.
  • Safety - You never know when a small difference will have huge consequences. Why put your business and your employees at risk for an accident or injury caused by non PAR Terminals?
  • Warranty Protection - Using PAR Terminals with the best equipment warranty guaranteed.
  • Energy Savings - PAR Terminals are designed and tested for exact equipment specifications, so they work more efficiently and can result in energy savings over time.

Don't rely on POS Terminals that look like PAR. Get the real thing and rest assured that you're doing the right thing for your business and your bottom line.

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